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Frequently Asked Questions Page Four

The following was prepared as an article for publication and is presented here as it answers most common questions and provides guidance on creating your own backscene.

Creating a Photographic Backscene

Creating the Village Backscene

Step 1 Specification

Our first step was to decide what the backscene should contain based on feedback from modellers. This determined that the scene should be 20 foot long in 00 Gauge and feature older properties suitable for use with steam layouts. It should be free from pylons and other modern features and include hills to add depth.

Step 2 Research

This was conducted on the computer using Google maps and photographic images from a variety of sources. The Google maps provided topographical information and enabled us to view the local area to establish the type of housing and other features. Several possible locations were identified from this research and each of these was then used to search for images of the locations. One photograph stood out from the rest as it showed not only a suitable village but also identified a vantage point from which a good panorama could be photographed.

Step 3 Site Visit

The proposed location was visited and it was confirmed that it met the specification and that the vantage point was easily accessible and on public land. A few test photographs were taken using varying camera and lens settings. It was also determined that the best time of day for the photoshoot would be mid-morning and that the shoot could be completed from a single location.

Step 4 Photoshoot

The shoot was carried out using a high resolution camera on a cloudy day but with bright light. Two sets of pictures were taken from the same vantage point over a short period and returned to the office for processing.

Step 5 Processing

The images were processed into a panorama using specialist high quality software and then further processed in Photoshop. The image was sized and cropped to produce a raw backscene which was printed out and examined by ourselves and several industry experts who act as our advisers. Changes were made to include more foreground, remove some large trees, improve the colour and generally tidy up the image.

The resulting backscene has been very well received.

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